Compassionate Activism supports people in healing from systemic oppression while building our capacity to respond to situations of injustice from a sense of peace and shared humanity.

This is a program of Everyday Feminism, which aims to address the common problems of burnout and unsustainability in our social movements. 

Join the Healing from Toxic Whiteness Program

Enroll now in our breakout program, Healing from Toxic Whiteness, to learn how to heal from the impact of internalized white supremacy and take a stand against systemic racism in the age of Trump. 

Get a Taste of Compassionate Activism in Action

Healing from Toxic Whiteness

Watch this free webinar to learn the underlying reasons for the emotional resistance many white people have to addressing white supremacy and get the tools to begin releasing it.


Healing from Marginalization

Watch this free webinar to learn how to heal from systemic marginalization and build your capacity to respond to everyday injustice with love and justice.