How To Prepare for the
"Healing from Toxic Whiteness" Online Workshop

Thank you for joining us for the online workshop on Thursday, 9/15! To help you prepare for it, we wanted to get you started with the survey below.

Like all forms of systemic oppression, white supremacy is deeply embedded and normalized in our society. So it's an ongoing journey to identify how it shows up in our lives, unpack its impact on us and others, and become free from it.

That way we can shift from being unconsciously conditioned by racism to consciously choosing to disinvest from white supremacy and  to take action for racial justice.

The first action is to begin noticing how toxic whiteness has conditioned you to unintentionally perpetuate and to be complicit with racism - either with your action or lack of action.

Once we can begin noticing when toxic whiteness is getting in the way of us acting in accordance to our values, we can begin choosing to take another action - one that is aligned with our social justice values. 

To help you take the time to notice how it shows up in your life, please answer the following questions.

Please note that:

  • There's a section for white people and one for people of color. People who identify with both can respond to whichever section they feel called to complete. 
  • If you'd like to keep your answers, please save it or print it for your own records. We are unable to send you a copy of your answers as originally promised due to the high number of people completing the survey.

Thank you again!