DC Practice Community for Compassionate Activism

We are committed to developing a local Washington, DC community supporting people who wish to bring love and justice into their daily activism work and personal lives.

This is both because of the number of nonprofits and social justice groups in DC as well as due to having Sandra Kim, the Founder of Everyday Feminism and creator of Compassionate Activism, live in the DC area.

To create this local community, we are offering:

1. Professional Development Program: In May 2016, we will be offering an in-person professional development program. They will consist a full-day intensive, weekly group sessions for implementation support, and one-on-one coaching for customized assistance.

2. Monthly Practice Sessions: These free practice sessions will help people learn more about the Compassionate Activism model and its Five Practices before engaging in a more intensive program. They will be offered once per month, starting in April/May 2016. 

To learn more about program and when you can register, please fill out the form below. Thanks!

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